Why The Diverger?

I’ve always enjoyed reading blogs of all sorts: food, zero-waste, fitness, minimalism, and financial independence – so after many years I’ve finally decided to give it a go!

I’m not entirely sure what this blog will morph into, but I’m sure it’ll contain quite a few of my favorite hobbies including: vegan recipes, how I avoid using a trash can, my ongoing journey through minimalism, as well as a big emphasis on navigating my way towards financial independence. At the core, I believe all of my various passions enable me to live a more sustainably minded life – and this lack of emphasis on consumerism will help me achieve financial freedom!

I’ll also be frequently mentioning my wonderful fiancé and all about how we navigate our way through our increasingly merged financial life. As we head towards marriage, I know there will be many decisions on how we plan on structuring our finances [of which we’ve made few of…] We came into this relationship as complete opposites on the frugal-rating scale (if such thing exists). I’m a saver, have no debt, and am overly into calculating early retirement. He’s a spender, has plenty of debt, and ya know… completely financed a BMW – soooo, enough said.

A little about my blog name: The Diverger. Today it seems like many of my peers are obsessed with having the nicest phone, going out every night (and blowing $$$ on expensive drinks), paying exorbitant rent, and buying $12+ lunch every day to top it all off! While I admit to being guilty of all of the above at a certain point in time, I’d like to think I’m well on my way towards having the same amount of fulfillment and happiness on another path. I’m hoping to show people that sometimes beating to your own drum, caring a little (lot) less about what others think, and taking the path less traveled can be a really, really good thing.

I’m very excited to be finally joining this wonderful online community and hope you enjoy my random blurbs about achieving an immensely happy, frugal, and sustainable life. Welcome to my little blog!